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Mission and Vision


The Mission of Arrowhead Messianic Congregation is to educate and encourage, with love, both Jew & Gentile, young and old in order to recognize and develop a relationship with the promised Messiah of the God of Abraham. This will be achieved through teaching the whole Council of God, in union with Hebraic Roots, and celebrating through Davidic worship.


Arrowhead Messianic’s Vision is to create and build a Davidic worship center for Jew and Gentile and provide Hebraic biblical training to expand the understanding of the Messiah throughout the world. Outreaches will be a major path to locate and educate those who lack Hebraic Roots knowledge and are unfamiliar with Messiah’s purpose.

Will consist of the following:

Sanctuary services – including but not limited to: celebration of biblical feasts and festivals; Davidic style worship using music, shofars (trumpets), flags, banners, and dance.

Personal Ministry (e.g. healing services)

Life events (e.g. marriage and covenant celebrations)


Will consist of the following:

In-house biblical studies for adults and youth – including but not limited to such topics as: discipleship, biblical doctrinal training, Hebraic Roots training regarding feasts and festivals, and proper understanding of Scripture-based prayer and support of Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jewish People.

Web based studies (programs to be developed)

Will utilize various methods to reach members of our community through:

Showing the Father’s and Messiah’s Love

Inviting fellowship

Providing opportunities for conversation, discussion, and prayer