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4 April 2020 | 10 Aviv 5780

“Passover” by Messianic Rabbi Allan Moorhead Th.D. (h.c.) Rabbi Allan teaches about Passover and the crucifixion of Yeshua. Israelites were commanded to select a lamb on 10 Aviv and keep it until 14 Aviv. Yeshua had gone to Bethany on 9 Aviv (a Friday) so that He would be less than a sabbath’s day journey from Jerusalem on the next day (a sabbath). When He rode into Jerusalem on the regular weekly sabbath, He was selected by the crowds of people who sang Psalm 118, according to Zechariah 9. On the afternoon of 14 Aviv (a Wednesday), Yeshua was crucified at the same time priests were slaughtering their Passover lambs. That evening was the observance of Passover and the first day of Unleavened Bread (a High Sabbath). Yeshua was in the tomb Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (daytime) (3 nights and 3 days as He prophesied) before He rose on Saturday evening. It was the first “day” of the week, beginning at sundown on Saturday. It was the “day” of Firstfruits moed. Yeshua is our Firstfruits. The empty tomb was discovered the next morning (still the first day of the week – a Sunday).

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