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Psalms Series: Part 20 – Chs. 19 & 20


Psalms Series: Part 20 - Chapters 19-20

19 Tammuz 5780 | 11 July 2020

Rabbi Allan Moorhead Th.D. (h.c.) teaches on the second half of Psalm 19 (verses 7-14), and Psalm 20. The Torah (instruction) of Adonai is perfect for salvation and brings wisdom even to simple people without great learning. Torah is equated to the fear (awe) of Adonai. We need to read, meditate on, love, and live the word of God. Daniel 12:2, Isaiah 18:4, Exodus 34:29 and Revelation 22:12 speaks of garments of light and rewards given or to be given to faithful believers. Our rewards can be lost, but not our salvation. 1 John 5:13 was written so that we may know we have eternal life if we have the Son of God, Yeshua HaMaschiach. Psalm 20 tells us that He hears our prayers if we believe in Him. He remembers our mincha and olah - our grain offerings and burnt offerings (Isaiah 34:6 and Leviticus 1:3). Our burnt offerings are our dedicated lives (Romans 12:1).


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