AMC - 10738 N. 75th Ave, Suites 1-4, Peoria, AZ 85345 - Phone: 623-780-0172

Hebraic Harvest International, Inc.

We are dedicated to reaching out and sharing the Good News of Messiah, to the Jew first, and equally to the nations.

Hebraic Harvest International, Inc. (HHI) was incorporated in November 2009 as an Arizona non-profit corporation. Our scope of operations will cover several entities, depending on the particular purpose.

Our first purpose is Arrowhead Messianic Congregation (AMC). AMC is dedicated to being a vehicle for all peoples to be introduced to and learn about Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah and the Hebraic Roots as defined in Scripture. Each Saturday morning AMC has Shabbat service, Bible study and children's Shabbat school.

Next is Tabernacle of the Son Worship Center, which is the physical home of AMC. Our house of worship is open to all who feel Adonai's calling. We have a sanctuary designed to invite the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). Worship music constantly fills the air, whether we are in the building or not. Fulfilled goals include an education unit, as well as a fellowship hall for celebrating life cycle events. A conference/seminar center is forthcoming as the Lord provides.

Our corporate logo was designed with the Kingdom of God and the Great Commission as the basis. Each part of the logo has special meaning. The menorah represents the Jewish People, the fish represents the Nations in Messiah (Fishers of Men), and the barley represents the First Fruits. Jew and Gentile are to be united under the Son of David, Yeshua the Messiah – represented by the interwoven Magen David/Shield of David. The flame-shaped arrowheads represent our congregation being a light unto the community. The three arrowheads represent the Trinity – three facets of our One God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The dancing flames represent Davidic worship. The banner colors are tabernacle colors - Scarlet (the Blood sacrifice for sin), Purple (royalty of our Lord and King) and Blue (heavenly nature). Gold represents the Kingdom of God while silver represents grace.

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